Constant Follower - The Smile You Send Out Returns To You - Vinyl LP / CD / Lossless DL (Exclusive)

Format: LNFG Exclusive Clear Vinyl 1 of 100 (Signed)
Sale price£25.00


We are thrilled to announce that following on from 2021's highly acclaimed album "Neither Is, Nor Ever Was" Constant Follower will release their brand new album with LNFG in February 2025

The album will be preceded by a number of singles along with a special limited edition 7" featuring 2 songs not on the album 

2024 LNFG members have an exclusive opportunity to be the first to secure this new album on a limited edition signed clear vinyl edition of only 100 units. The remaining run will be revealed officially in June 2024.

Similarly Constant Follower fans can secure a limited edition pressing on Pearl White Vinyl. (100 units)


SAY Award shortlisted 2022
Monorail Music 'Best Albums of the Year'
Triste ‘Best Album of 2021’
A Pessimist is never disappointed 'Best 20 Albums of 2021'
Rockerilla 'Best 10 Albums of 2021'
WFMU, Irene Trudel ‘Best Albums of 2021’
Vic Galloway BBC Radio Scotland 'Best Albums of 2021'
Postcards from the underground 'Best Albums of 2021'


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