Hipsway - Hipsway 35th Anniversary Gatefold LP (Pre-Order)

Format: Black Vinyl
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To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the debut album "Hipsway" PNFG will remaster and repackage this frankly outstanding debut album in gatefold glory and four shades of vinyl.

Originally released in 1986, the album spent 23 weeks in the UK charts, spawned the hit single "The Honeythief" and should have been hit singles "Ask The Lord" and "Long White Car" whilst also contributing "Tinder" to a long-running lager commercial.

The album will be remastered for vinyl by Paul McGeechan (Love & Money) and will feature extensive new liner notes.

Available on Black, White and Transparent Blue Vinyl, we will also press a mere 150 Crystal Clear Vinyl. The album will be shipped immediately upon receipt from manufacturers  and will be officially released in record shops worldwide on 26 November

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