LNFG Announce Bursary Partnership
Last Night From Glasgow Limited and the MacDonald Foundation have joined forces to present a grant for artists, seeking support (either financial or actual) with the process of recording, mixing and/or mastering of their music.
We will accept applications for the LMFG from any UK based artists, they can apply for support in any of the categories noted below. Funding will be provided in arrears for completed work and paid to the employed party directly.
Where we are being asked to provide financial support, applications should be submitted with budgets and invoices from the various employed parties. If seeking service support, we do not require sight of budgets as we will agree these with our various representatives.
Grants will be decided by committee and may be fully or partially awarded, in the case of studio time, we may agree to provide a number of free days recording and mixing or mastering for a set number of tracks, it may therefor be necessary for you to meet the balance of any obligation.
In return for funding be it financial or actual, LNFG and the artist will jointly own the Phonographic rights of any subsequent recording. LNFG will not seek to generate any actual income from this right and the rights will be fully returned to the artist no later than 36 months after the work is completed.
In short this simply means that LNFG will show as (p) on any digital or physical releases and shown as a Rights holder on PPL. If a major label comes a knocking and wants to sign you on a 10 album deal, they can simply buy the rights for the value of the bursary. Otherwise, as we say, we will rescind the rights 36 months after completion.
The value to the foundation of this process is in the name awareness granted by the phonographic right, not the financial value of such.
You do not need to be an artist of LNFG to apply and we guarantee that at least 35% of the funding we grant will be to artists not on one of our labels.
Financial Support
(1) Funding for Studio Time
(2) Funding for Mixing/Remixing
(3) Funding for Mastering
Provision of Services
(1) Actual Studio Time provided by LNFG
(2) Actual Mixing/Remixing Work provided by LNFG
(3) Actual Mastering work provided by LNFG

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Anaïs Henchman

Anaïs Henchman

Fantastic Scheme!

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