Introducing LNFG Introducing

As a community ethos label with hundreds of patrons worldwide, we wanted to do something that allowed our members to take advantage of our reach. We also wanted a way to encourage new parties into supporting LNFG and thus is born LNFG Introducing.

This will be a straightforward digital retail, aggregation and promotion platform. 

We have an online store with worldwide customers, we can aggregate releases into all major streaming platforms, we can provide press support, plugging and logistics. So why not make this all available to our patrons. If you're in a band or just a self releasing solo artist - this could be for you.

LNFG will provide you with an on-line space where you can sell your digital downloads, we will take 0% commission from these sales. 

LNFG will provide you with distribution into all streaming platforms, no upload fee will be charged and we will take 0% commission from these streams.

LNFG will provide press and plugging support, will feature your music in monthly playlists and within dedicated newsletters. LNFG Introducing will run alongside our main label but will enjoy a dedicated webspace and dedicated staff support.

If you are a member of LNFG you can immediately access all of this for free (well I say immediately - by mid/late January 2024)

If you wish to access these services and are currently not a member, then that's simple too. £40 a year (or £4 per month) will be all it costs for all this provision and support. You can of course buy a larger membership and garner all the vinyl and cd benefits we offer.

LNFG Intro will be a gateway into LNFG Cartel and LNFG itself at which point we can provide access to manufacture, logistics and physical promotion. LNFG Intro members will however be able to sell any physical stock they have via our platform and retail location immediately.

To Join LNFG visit .... Join Us (

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