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Mark W. Georgsson: Scotsman Artist of the Month May 2016

A beautifuly delicate ballad with such a strong sense of place you could taste the salt from the Atlantic on your lips - Overblown

Recalls the shrugging scuffed blues ofRyan Adams debut. - The National

Emme Woods: Scotsman Artist of the Month July 2016 & Jim Gellatly One To Watch 2017

The enviable combination of a striking vocal style and innate songwriting ability has stood artists in good stead throughout the years and it’s safe to say that Emme Woods possesses these dual talents in abundance - Tenement TV

It's a track that seethes in the shadows only to collar you and delivery two lungfuls of home truths. - The National

It's a slow burner, crawling on it's hands and knees as the pace of a breaking heart. - Overblown

Stephen Solo: 

Phone App Warrior Serves Up Off Kilter Electro Loveliness - Electronic Sound Mag.

Pi may be my album of the year. - Everything Flows.


I'll say it again. Listen to this record. Immediately. - Under The Radar

Vibrant and irrepressibly enjoyable. - Tenement TV

An essential purchase. - The National

It is a beautiful thing - Marc Riley 6 Music

They perfectly Blend Light and Shade. - The Music Brewery

A delightful riot of massive beats. - The National

Be Charlotte : Nordoff Robbins Winner 2016/2017

Thought provoking images that compare and contrast with an irrepressible chorus. - Ravechild

Immediately anthemic and highly contagious. - Clash Magazine

BooHooHoo: Scotsman Artist of the Month Sep 2016, Vic Galloway & Jim Gellatly ones to watch 2017

Outrageously and dangerously catchy. - When Skies Are Grey

Hitting the mark with an explosive blend of 80's pop, funky guitar and an occasional burst of disco. (Artist of the Month) - The Scotsman

Sounding like a mix of Chic, LCD Soundsystem and that time The Killers started wearing feather cloaks. - Ravechild

Sister John: 

Medicine Men