The Filthy Tongues - In The Dark Places - Vinyl & CD

Format: Black Vinyl
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On November 4th 2022, The LNFG Cartel will be delighted to bring you the brand new album from The Filthy Tongues

Available on 4 delicious vinyl flavours and on CD. 

Some extra special artist bundles will be available from the bands own website (link here)

It is the final part of a trilogy based on their hometown of Edinburgh and promises to be every bit as compelling as the previous two instalments.

‘Jacob's Ladder’ and ‘Back to Hell’ both received rave reviews across the board and ‘In These Dark Places’ is sure to deliver a suitably uncompromising conclusion to this fine body of work.

From the fittingly claustrophobic juggernaut of an earworm that is Gas Mask Blues, the romping, acerbic snarl of Pandemic Pete and the drunk tank admission of the title track to the relentless, questioning riot that is Tricky Nicky, it’s time to get ready for another rollercoaster.


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