Secret Coast Songwriters - Volume 1 - The Blue Album Vinyl LP, CD & DL

Format: Blue Vinyl LP
Sale price£24.00


To Be Released on 27.09.24

Secret Coast Songwriters have been running songwriting Masterclasses on Argyll’s Secret Coast since 2022 with mentors James Grant and Robert Hodgens (Bobby Bluebell). This is a volume of songs written on those weekend retreats with coaching from James and Bobby. The album is produced by James Grant and features him accompanying many of the songwriters. This volume features one of the last songs written by Scottish music legend Rab Noakes as well as beautiful songs by Peter Hall, Sandrine Certenais, Dignity Row, Linda Scott, Gerry McBride, Lynn Whitaker, Dougie Smith, Only When I Glow and Steven McDonald. Volume 2 also available.


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