Gold Membership To Last Night From Glasgow 2020

Gold Membership To Last Night From Glasgow 2020

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Receive all physical Releases for the 2020-2021 Calendar Year.

Close Lobsters - Black Vinyl - February
Medicine Men - May - Coloured Vinyl
Starless - May Silver Vinyl
Mark W Georgsson - August - Blue Vinyl
Mt. Doubt - September - Coloured Vinyl
Slow Weather - Clean Living - Coloured Vinyl

Plus Lemon Drink & L-space CD's

Plus all our digital releases from Loudmammoth, Kohla, Slime City, Life Model, L-space and Andre Salvador and Von Kings etc etc. Plus all Komponist Digital Releases and all Hive Digital Releases

Access to our member forum and exclusives throughout the year

So that's about £150 worth of product wrapped up in a sense of enormous satisfaction that you aren't feeding the infrastructure but instead making an actual direct difference to independent artists.