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Joy is the aptly named first album by Dogs, the thrilling new collaboration between two of Ireland’s most admired songwriters, Nick Kelly (The Fat Lady Sings, Alien Envoy) and Seán Millar (Doctor Millar and The Cute Hoors). 

Recorded with legendary rhythm section Dave Hingerty (The Frames, Kila) and Robbie Malone (David Gray, Lir), Joy’s ten tracks include Irish radio hits Old Dog Young Dog, a shimmering elision of Laurel Canyon and Lahinch and the irresistible soul-folk stomp Heartbeat, and their latest single, Only Home, an uplifting new anthem for the planet.

Several of the the songs from Joy are also featured on the soundtrack of Nick’s forthcoming documentary feature film The Song Cycle, which tells the story of DOGS’ sustainable tour by bicycle and public transport to Glastonbury 2022. Seán and Nick’s innovative pilgrimage has been covered by numerous media outlets, including Sky News, the Sunday Times, and most notably BBC TV who ran a four-minute prime time profile of the duo’s return journey and live performance at Glastobury 2023.

Joy will be released on CD on 20 September 2024, with the first single "Only Home" being released on 31 May 2024

Being a company who loves Vinyl we are super keen to release the album on Vinyl - towards the end of 2024 and invite you to commit your intention to purchase a record. Sustainability is hugely important to the band and thus we wish to manufacture as close to demand as is humanly possible

If you select the DL & Promise option, your LP purchase will be discounted accordingly.

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