BMX Bandits - Life Goes On - Regurgitated, Remastered, Repackaged, Rebuilt

Color: Rare Test Pressing
Sale price£45.00


Following on from the glorious success of our Star Wars reissue, we have approached the forces of the dark side and agreed a licensing deal that will result in Life Goes On returning to Vinyl, some 29 years after its original release. 

Featuring the smash hit singles "Serious Drugs" and "Kylie's Got A Crush On Us" - Life Goes On, was originally released on Creation records.

We shall make it available on 4 shades of vinyl and present the album in totally redesigned sleeve, more in keeping with Duglas' original vision.

Release date looks to be March 2022 but we hope to begin shipping in March 2022.

LNFG Members can use the discount BMX20 to get 20% off any pressing.


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