2021 Pic N Mix (Small 4 or more LPs)

Choices: Ace City Racers - Citalodisco - LNFG Purple
Sale price£12.00


Our annual Gold, Platinum and Palladium memberships are close to completely sold out. We only make a set number available each year due to manufacturing limits and sales expectations. That said, we still want to offer you a cracking deal and a chance to engage with our ethical community.

Thus we bring you the LNFG Pic n Mix

Like a membership this grants you access to our forum and discounts on the years other releases. It will also provide a mix of new and old records for your pleasure. (LNFG Exclusive Colours are the default choice but can be changed)

Simply add the 4 records you would like to receive to the cart and sit back, they will be shipped immediately (if released) or in advance of release 2021. (The offer only applies to orders of 4 or more records)


Select from records from Sister John, Broken Chanter, Cosmic Rough Riders, BMX Bandits, Trashcan Sinatras, Mt. Doubt and many more.

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