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Stephen Solo - Pii3

The third and final? part of Stephen's phoning it in triptych. Chapter three sees him eating motorcycles whilst dealing with the dark web.
Pii3 will be released digitally on July 19th but we have a special offer for you. Buy Pii3 on DL from LNFG, receive the album, an edible chocolate motorcyle and entry to a very special competition.

The draw will take place at the launch event on 13.07

You can buy entry, dl and a ticket below
1 lucky winner will recieve Pii 1, 2 and 3 pressed onto Triple Clear Vinyl. This will be manufactured and presented (if possible) in person. The album will be certified and personalised by both Stephen and LNFG. There will never be any other copies of this vinyl trilogy made available ever!

£0.50 - £12.00

  • Image of Stephen Solo - Pii3
  • Image of Stephen Solo - Pii3