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Image of Bis - Slight Disconnects - Vinyl Album, CD & Download Image of LNFG Membership 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 Image of TEENCANTEEN - Say It All With A Kiss - LP - LNFG3 Image of TeenCanteen - Sirens E.P. LNFG6
  • Image of LNFG Membership 2020-2021
  • Image of LNFG Membership 2020-2021
  • Image of LNFG Membership 2020-2021
  • Image of LNFG Membership 2020-2021
  • Image of LNFG Membership 2020-2021

LNFG Membership 2020-2021


USE CODE LPCOLLECT to collect at Gigs or at Assai Edinburgh, Some Great Reward Glasgow, Sparklehorse Glasgow or Chameleon Aberdeen

The 2020 runs from 01.01.20 to 31.12.2020 and the schedule is as noted below.


Members will have the option of choosing an exclusive coloured pressing of each album/EP or a black vinyl edition)


A very small number of Test Pressing Memberships are available providing you with a Test Pressing and Colour Pressing of every release, if they appear to be sold out and you want to renew or purchase one, drop us an email and we will resolve.
Real hardcore fans can buy a Full Bhoona membership and garner Black, Colour and Test Pressings of all Releases


You can join LNFG and pick up last years records at a knock down price


No Hassle - grab a digital/cd membership

Also included in all packages is a free ticket to every album launch event. Two free tickets for those with Family, Test or Full Bhoona Memberships

You can also add a membership for LNFG Komponist for a further 15 quid and secure all the music that LNFGK will release from October 2019 - December 2020. So thats another 4 or 5 CD's

.... And another option. You can join Reckless Yes - home to the likes of Fightmilk, Chorusgirl and Mark Morriss and secure yourself their 2020 release catalogue for a few quid more.

New LP from Close Lobsters Vinyl
New Album from L-space CD/Digital and Vinyl Option.
New LP from The Gracious Losers Vinyl
New LP from Medicine Men Vinyl
New LP from Starless Vinyl
New LP from Mt. Doubt Vinyl
Debut LP from Foundlings Vinyl
Debut EP from Lemon Drink (CD)
New EP from Kohla (CD)
New EP from The Martial Arts (CD)
New EP from Life Model (CD)
Things from Slime City (Lord Knows what)