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Carla J Easton - Work in Progress E.P.

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Strictly limited edition - hand painted cassettes containing 5 work in progress tracks recorded and mixed in July 2017

Wrapped with download code.

The tracks are bare versions of songs that will be appearing on Carla's solo album in 2018. All proceeds from the sale will go towards the cost of recording the album in Montreal.

A joint production with Olive Grove Records.

From Carla’s own page :


Some of you will know that in March this year I took part in the Singer Songwriter Residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity which I was able to do with support from Help Musicians UK. It was an amazing 2 weeks in the mountains which resulted in 4 new songs being written. Since coming back to Scotland I have continued to write and now have more than an album's worth of new material.

In September I'm going back to Canada - this time to Montreal to record these songs with some friends I met on the residency. I'll be working with Howard Bilerman who I also met during my time there (Arcade Fire, British Sea Power, Godspeed You! Black Emperor) and will hopefully return with a follow up to 'Homemade Lemonade'.

IN THE MEANTIME I've been working at La Chunky Studio on synth parts to take over with me and I thought I'd let you in on the process. These EPs were originally only going to be available at my solo shows but in the last 24 hours I've had quite a few requests and queries of how they can be purchased online.

The 'WORKS IN PROGRESS EP' is limited to 200 hand wrapped, individually painted cassettes (with download codes) containing 5 songs. It's just me and a piano - that's how all the songs start! - and these songs will develop into full arrangements in September. These are my works in progress and won't be available on iTunes or Spotify. Last Night From Glasgow and Olive Grove Records have partnered up to help me on my journey to completing album number 2 and any proceeds from these tapes will go towards the production of the final album. The support for 'Homemade Lemonade' was overwhelming - THANK YOU ALL - I promise to make the new album with same love, care and attention.




  • Image of Carla J Easton - Work in Progress E.P.
  • Image of Carla J Easton - Work in Progress E.P.