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Broken Chanter - Broken Chanter (Vinyl, CD and Download)


In the last days of Winter 2018, David MacGregor isolated himself in spots around the Highlands and Islands, recording skeletal demos in Ardnamurchan and Skye before decamping with long-term pal/collaborator and engineer and producer Gal to a remote house on a peninsula jutting into the Atlantic from County Donegal.

The result of this period of work being the debut album from Broken Chanter - released on 06.09.19. A joint release with our great friends Olive Grove Records.
Featuring the debut single "Wholesale" and soon to be released second single "Should We Be Dancing?"
The album will be available on Classic Black Vinyl, Duck Egg Blue Vinyl and Milk White Vinyl.
You can buy the albums individually, collectively, with a CD without a CD and you can even throw in a launch event ticket.
Colour Vinyl Members of LNFG will receive the Duck Egg Version, Black Vinyl members - well that should be obvious. Each LNFG member is entitled to a launch event ticket,
Tickets can be purchased / aquired from the following link : http://tickets.lastnightfromglasgow.com

Use code LPCOLLECT to avoid shipping and collect at a show.

  • Classic Black Vinyl 97%
  • Classic Black Vinyl with CD 96%
  • Milk White Vinyl 100%
  • Join LNFG and bag a Duck Egg Blue Vinyl, a launch ticket and everything else we release this year. 100%
  • Milk White Vinyl with CD 98%
  • Add a Launch Event Ticket to any Bundle 100%
  • Rare Test Pressing of the Album 100%
  • Very Rare Duck Egg Blue Vinyl with CD 13%
  • Very Rare Duck Egg Blue Vinyl Sold Out
  • The Full Set of Vinyl (3 x LP) 100%
  • Just The CD 93%