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From Martin Metcalfe (The Filthy Tongues / Goodbye Mr Mackenzie)

Maria Rud created The Animotion Show with classical musician Evelyn Glennie who is famous for being a brilliant musician and percussionist even though she is profoundly deaf.
The Animotion Show was hugely successful and staged outdoors in Belfast, Beijing and many other amazing cities.
The interim show was known as Shamanic Live 
This new show by Artist Maria Rud is based around the music of the Filthy Tongues. 
The Revelations of Rab MacVie has more emphasis on narrative, powerfully performed by Tam Dean Burn, with the soundtrack created and performed live by The Filthy Tongues
The Revelations of Rab McVie sold out the Traverse theatre over 2 nights in February 2023.
We have the support of the Pleasance Theatre who helped manage and realise the Traverse Theatre production this year.
We have been offered a place in the Edinburgh Festival by the Pleasance theatre this year in their main auditorium which holds 1100 people.
Unfortunately, we have no further funding to put the show on.
The festival offers an opportunity to reach promoters from all over the world and take the Revelations show to an international audience.
This is why we're looking for funding to see how we can put the show on. 
This is where LNFG and our community kick in, we will form "LNFG Community Funding" and the show will be sponsored by us accordingly, we invite you to join us in doing so. We will guarantee at least a thank you credit and as much as thank you credit and a couple of tickets to the show, we will throw in free records, shop discounts and even a special live performance. 

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