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Join LNFG for 2021 and in addition to securing all of our 2021 across all four imprints releases:

Lemon Drink, Gracious Losers, Hadda Be, Sister John, Ace City Racers, Wojtek the Bear, BMX Bandits, Deer Leader, Ross & the Realifers, TeenCanteen, Broken Chanter, Annie Booth, Life Model, Trashcan Sinatras, Bis, Lola In Slacks, Out Of The Swim, Medicine Men, Nicol & Elliott, Luximon, Cosmic Rough Riders, The Poems and The McCluskey Brothers

You will also receive an initial package containing the following back catalogue items.

Sister John - Returned From Sea and Sister John

The Bluebells - Sisters

Bis - Slight Disconnects

Vulture Party - Vulture Party

Broken Chanter - Broken Chanter

Close Lobsters - Post Neo Anti

Starless - Earthbound

Medicine Men - A Different Port

Mount Doubt - Doubtlands

Joe McAlinden - Edit

The Muldoons - Made For Each Other

Lizabett Russo - While I Sit And Watch This Tree

Bis - Music For Animations

In The Forest/Nicol & Elliot Split 7"

Deer Leader/Out Of The Swim Split 7"

Slime City - Less Jools 7"

So that's 40 records all in

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