Trashcan Sinatras - Cake

Format: Blue Vinyl


Trashcan Sinatras debut LP is finally getting the remaster, reissue, repackage treatment. In October 2023 we will bring you Cake on 4 shades of Vinyl and on deluxe CD.

Initil Copies of the Vinyl will ship with a special John Douglas Art Print

The CD will feature the 6 bonus tracks : 

Drunken Chorus                       

Who's He                               


Tonight You Belong To Me   

My Mistake                               

White Horses             

As with I've Seen Everything,  A Happy Pocket and In The Music, Cake will be remastered by Paul McGeechan.   

TCS Patrons can secure a discount with their patron code, LNFG members can secure an exclusive pressing and use their discount code. 

An option exists to join LNFG for 2023 and secure the exclusive version - you will be able to select 5 past releases to complete the bundle  (After checkout) 


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