The Mid Term Membership Bundle

Level: Mid Term Membership


Join LNFG and receive 

(1) 12 Vinyl LPs - All Shipping Immediately

(2) 20% off discount code for use against any future purchases

(3) Access to our Members and Artists Forum

(4) A Link to our digital vault conatining every release from 2016-2022

You will receive the following albums immediately

Album Club - Album Club

St Dukes - St Dukes

Port Sulphur - Speed of Life

The Poems - The Poems

The McCluskey Brothers - Favourite Colours

Love & Money - Dogs In The Traffic

James Edwin & The Borrowed Band - Highlights of the Low Nights

Jemima Thewes - Calling (2 x LP)

Annie Booth - Lazybody 

Spare Snare - Sounds 

Michael M - Now That's What I Call Disappointment

Wojtek The Bear - Heaven By The Back Door





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