Paul McCartney - Thrillington



Thrillington is an album produced by English musician Paul McCartney, under the pseudonym Percy “Thrills” Thrillington. It was released in April 1977 in the UK and in May 1977 in the US. It is an instrumental cover version of Paul and Linda McCartney’s 1971 album Ram.

Recorded in June 1971, the album was shelved upon the formation of Wings, and not released for nearly six years. When Thrillington was finally issued, it did not attract much attention, and did not chart. McCartney initially kept his involvement with the project a secret; nevertheless, the project’s nature and the rather bizarre pseudonym chosen for the credited artist led the few contemporary reviewers who wrote about Thrillington to conclude that “Percy Thrillington” was in fact McCartney working incognito. McCartney formally revealed himself to be Percy Thrillington in 1989, and the following year also admitted to being “Clint Harrigan”, who wrote the album’s liner notes.

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