Mock Deer - The Art Of Loneliness



This debut full-length album from Singer-Songwriter Mock Deer (AKA South London based Ricky Damiani) is the result of 4 years hard graft after a period of hiatus.

As well as including revered previous singles ‘Twisted Forms’ and ‘Your Open Heart’ The Art Of Loneliness carries the gravitas of time, care and commitment that is required to make relevant and expressive art in this busy world.

The LP was recorded with producer Scott Fitzgerald in his home studio in Bath. Ricky and Scott had developed an attuned relationship after working together on Mock Deer’s previous EP and both wanted to collaborate on a piece of work with a full-band sound:

“We wanted to make something epic and ambitious that harked back to albums made in the 70s, with a stronger leaning towards rock and prog than my previous releases. It was a long journey with many challenges along the way, and now I think that the record’s true strength stems from just that - being perfectionistic”.

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