Medicine Men - A Different Portal (The Remixes) - DL and Rare White Label LP

Format: Lossless DL


On May 28th 2021 we will release Medicine Men's second album entirely remixed, it features new versions from : Yoko Pwno, Beta Waves, Deer Leader, Life Model, SuperHuman, Domiciles, Tom Donnelly (Close Lobsters). John Clark (Bis, Debukas), Acid Ultras, Life Model and Slow Motion Addict.

The album will be released on all digital platforms but you can grab an early Lossless DL from us now.

Better still, to commemorate our 5th Birthday, we will manufacture a a six track white label, white vinyl EP featuring all the Last Night From Glasgow remixes (Domiciles, Bis, Close Lobsters, Life Model, Deer Leader and SuperHuman)

Only a very few of these albums will be available - fewer than 100. They will be released in late autumn but can be pre-ordered now.


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