Love and Money - Dogs In The Traffic - 30th Anniversary Reissue

Format: Black Vinyl


We are thrilled to announce the release of the quintessential LOVE & MONEY record DOGS IN THE TRAFFIC.

Fully remastered on three shades of Vinyl and Deluxe Cd with bonus tracks.

Featuring timeless classics such as Winter, Lips Like Ether, Sometimes I Want To Give Up and Whisky Dream.. Songs of heartbreaking candour, and supernal beauty.

DOGS is in James Grant’s opinion, the most representative of his writing and of him as a human being..wilfully eclectic, reflective, poetic and wry..The wrangling with the record label Phonogram during the making of it took its toll on him - so consequently there was barely any promotion for it other than a handful of shows.

“The aim was always to write songs and make records that you could keep returning to and finding new things within; in essence, to stand the test of time.”

The album will be released in January 2022, 30 years after its original release, on Black, Transparent Red and Transparent Green vinyl. Transparent Green Vinyl will be exclusively available via LNFG and limited to 250 copies worldwide.

The CD will feature the following bonus tracks:

Winter '89 

Wanderlust II

Who In Their Right Mind

Blue Eyed World

Treasure and Treason

Hubcap to Blue Town



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