Candi Staton - Nightlites



Firmly ranked among the best Candi Statonrecords, this 1981 album for Sugarhill Records(who specialized in rap music at the time) hasremained unavailable for many years.· 'Nightlites' was a reunion with Dave Crawford,producer of Staton's massive 70s hit 'Young HeartsRun Free'.· Of the album's seven songs, more than half aregeared towards the dance floor, such as 'Love AndBe Free' and 'In The Still Of The Night'.· The record features a nice up tempo pop song ofmarital reaffirmation in 'Count On Me' and asensuous ballad, 'Hurry Sundown', written byDeniece Williams, she of 'Free' fame.· Candi even tries a little rap on the tail end of 'TheSunshine of Our Love' and gives Elvis' 'SuspiciousMinds' a nice dance workout.· This remastered edition is finally available again onLP.

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