BMX Bandits - Star Wars 30th Anniversary ReMastered Vinyl LP

Format: Lossless DL


To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of BMX Bandits seminal sophomore LP Star Wars, PNFG will release the remastered album on Vinyl on May 4th (Star Wars Day)

Featuring the classic Bandits line up: Stuart, McAlinden, Blake, Kelly, Keen and MacDonald the album is jam packed full of chiming guitars and catchy choruses not to mention the odd spectacular ballad.

The album will be pressed on Transparent Red and Classic Black Vinyl and an exclusive Yellow Vinyl for LNFG customers is also available. The LP will be priced at £20 and LNFG Members can (yet again) pick this up for a discounted price of £16.00

The sleeve has been updated (new wallpaper no less) and now features a die cut photo frame with an inner printed horse, how's that for classy updates?

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