BMX Bandits - Life Goes On - Regurgitated, Remastered, Repackaged, Rebuilt (Pre-Order)

Color: Black


Following on from the glorious success of our Star Wars reissue, we have approached the forces of the dark side and agreed a licensing deal that will result in Life Goes On returning to Vinyl, some 29 years after its original release. 

Featuring the smash hit singles "Serious Drugs" and "Kylie's Got A Crush On Us" - Life Goes On, was originally released on Creation records.

We shall make it available on 4 shades of vinyl and present the album in totally redesigned sleeve, more in keeping with Duglas' original vision.

We hope to be shipping LPs in late Q4 2021 - but manufacturing times are volatile now to say the least.

 LNFG Members can use the discount BMX20 to get 20% off any pressing.


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