Amy Duncan - Wake (Vinyl, CD & Lossless DL)

Format: Individually Numbered & Signed Vinyl


"The Scottish multi-instrumentalist's eighth album sits between Cocteau Twins and the Blue Nile, its broad cinematic sweep, folktronic textures, crystalline vocals and lyrics imbued with introspection and memory-lane inventory-taking yielding moments of breathtaking beauty." Dan Cairns, The Sunday Times

'Wake' is a collaboration between lyricist David Paton and musician Amy Duncan. It was produced in Glasgow with Mark Freegard in 2003 in the aftermath of the 1994 suicide of David's twin-brother Iain. It was both Amy's first recorded album as a solo-artist and is her ninth release.

The LNFG Cartel will release Wake in October 2024 on both Vinyl & CD. The first 100 copies of the Pink Vinyl LP will be signed by Amy & David

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