The Countess of Fife - Star Of The Sea

Format: Blue Vinyl LP & Bonus Track


Coming your way on Vinyl in September 2024 - Blue Vinyl Repress of the debut LP. 

Regrettably it took the 4 months longer to re-record and remaster than was anticipated and now we are looking at a late August , early September release. Updates will follow 


Fay Fife takes an innovative approach to alt-country music in her incarnation as The Countess of Fife.  Debut album STAR OF THE SEA is loaded with urban grit, a touch of punk and soulful, tender melodies.  

Fay's soaring vocals combine with her earthy and authentic lyrics, creating a perfect storm to play with your emotions…  ....and the Countess of Fife sound is dark, rich and soulful.  Think of The Cramps, meeting Johnny Cash, in an unholy alchemy 

of country, punk and gospel.


Some of Scotland's finest musicians played on STAR OF THE SEA 

and the album was produced by Jim Sutherland & Fay Fife at Castle Sound Studios.  

The album comes in a lux gatefold sleeve; artwork by Simon Webb

Fay Fife (of the Rezillos) channels urban, vintage but timeless vibes

and Fay’s glorious vocals are rich,

dark and powerful: 
"…a Celtic Ronnie Spector…”     

Fiona Shepherd, The Scotsman

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