JJ Gilmour - The Evolution Of JJ Gilmour

Format: Standard Pre-Order 2 x Vinyl


Internationally acclaimed Scottish singer-songwriter JJ Gilmour made his recording debut in 1989 with The Silencers, one of Scotland’s most loved bands who enjoyed great success throughout Europe and America. A naturally gifted musician he first joined the band as a backing vocalist though later in the bands career JJ progressed seamlessly to join Jimme O’Neill sharing lead vocals.

Seven action-packed years of gigging and recording ensued during which The Silencers had gold albums and sold almost a million records for BMG/RCA. After this successful period with the band, JJ decided he needed to take on new challenges and embarked upon his solo career.

All About Me focuses on JJ's shimmering solo career and will be released on double vinyl, housed within a gatefold sleeve. It will feature brand new liner notes and archive images.

LP1 Has been curated by Jinky (All About Me)


LP 2 Has been curated by the fans (All About You)


Album due to ship second week of March after a slight delay due to Lacquer issues and repressing requirementa


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