Hen Hoose - Equaliser LP



Launched in Glasgow in 2020, Hen Hoose was made possible due to funding support by Creative Scotland and the album includes collaborations and compositions by Karine Polwart, Emma Pollock, Amandah Wilkinson (Bossy Love), Beldina Odenyo Onassis (Heir Of The Cursed), Carla J Easton and many others…. with the finished album’s material mixed by Susan Bear and mastered by all female production team Novasound. Hen Hoose’s founder Tamara Schlesinger explains what has brought this project to life: “So many of us have grown tired and frustrated at seeing festival line ups and album credits full of men, when we all know that we have talent that deserves to be heard as well. It would have been easy to sit back and get more despondent, but instead I wanted to do something to try and level the playing field.”

LNFG is proud to distribute and promote this ground breaking and important work.

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