The Poems - Young America - Vinyl Pre-Order

Format: Black


Originally released on CD in 2006. (Has it really been 15 years) The Poems were Robert Hodgens, Bobby Paterson, Adrian Barry, Kerry Polwart, Ross McFarlane and Andy May.

The album also features guest contributions from the likes of Isabel Campbell, Norman Blake and Justin Currie.

Norman will also contribute the sleeve notes to this vinyl reissue.

We will be pressing this album on Black, Silver and Purple vinyl with an anticipated worldwide release date of 12.01.22 LP's will be shipped immediately upon release

Alas our ambitious plan for a Tri-Colour Vinyl has been killed stone dead by manufacturing delays, the plant we had lined up is now suggesting 30 week + manufacturing runs and our back up plant can't provide the process on a cost effective basis.

We are opting to press the most popular colour - Purple in its place!

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