Cloth - Cloth Vinyl LP, CD & DL
Cloth - Cloth Vinyl LP, CD & DL

Cloth - Cloth Vinyl LP, CD & DL

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Recorded at Chem 19 in 2018 and 2019 with Derek O'Neill, it features the singles Demo Love, Felt, Old Bear and Tripp.

Available on Black Vinyl

“I’ve been playing this album to death, I love it” - Guy Garvey, BBC Radio 6 Music

"Late to the party but the Cloth album is one of my favourite things I've listened to in a long time" - James Graham, The Twilight Sad

“This record is brilliant” - Emma Pollock

“An album that rewards repeated listens, a richly abstract journey.” ★★★★ - The List

“An emotive, beautifully textured offering that rewards close scrutiny” - The Skinny

“Cloth’s debut album seems like magic and rare: a band still forming yet feeling completely fully formed, slotting seemlessly into their city’s musical heritage yet somehow standing apart” - Monorail

“Demo Love really blew me away the first time that I heard it. I’ve been desperate to play this (on the radio)… it’s one of those songs I keep returning to… the whole album is fantastic” - Matt Wilkinson, Beats 1, Apple Music

“Mesmerizing. Fall, into your speakers’ embrace, and enjoy.” - The Grinding Halt

“A beautifully sparse yet inventive album, with detail which starts subtly, and stays haunting yet ever-so-slightly more corporeal with each listen. A band with huge promise given the accomplished nature of this first offering” - Popoptica

“This is an album that demands repeated listens. That insists you pay attention to every detail because every detail is on show. When every detail is so meticulously written and performed you can’t help but lose yourself in it” - musicscramble

“Cloth appear to be revered by just about all who have heard them, including 6Music’s Huw Stephens and Elbow’s Guy Garvey. It’s to be hoped that they continue to gather the following they deserve. An inspired debut’ - 366 Albums, 1 Year

“Insular in sound, cosmopolitan in outlook, it’ll be exciting to see where 2020 takes Cloth” - Plain or Pan

"This is a band who bond metal (“only the good stuff” – Paul), pop-punk, post-rock and – most importantly – pop influences to create something that doesn’t sound anything like any of those things. Cloth’s is bold, inventive music, and their LP is a tantalising prospect" - Euan Davidson, Podcart

Huw Stephens’ Tip for 2019 and 2020

The List Magazine ‘Hot 100 2019: Who to watch out for in 2020’ 

Featured in - Vic Galloway’s Best Records of 2019 

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