A Girl Called Eddy - 20th Anniversary Remaster

Format: Dusk Blue Vinyl (Signed Insert)


in September 2024  we will finally bring you the glorious debut album from A Girl Called Eddy. Produced by Richard Hawley.

This sumptuous LP is a masterclass in songwriting and delivery. An album that, had it been released in the mid 1970s, would have been spoken of in the same revered tones normally reserved for Tapestry or Pirates. 

Imagine Karen Carpenter covering the Bacharach song book in Phil Spector's wall of sound and you'd wouldn't be far off this albums genius.

The album will be respectfully remastered by Paul McGeechan 

We will release the album on two shades of Transparent 180gm Vinyl 

Dusk Blue 

Sunrise Yellow 

A very rare signed bundle with Test Pressing will also be available .

The first 50 copies of each colour will come with a limited edition signed insert

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