Ready for the Chaos?

As we open the door on 2021, a year which we hope may see some form of normality return to our lives, we are facing our most ambitious release schedule yet. As it stands 2021 we will see over 20 slabs of vinyl flow from the manufacturing plants to stores and houses throughout the world. It is a daunting prospect but one we are excited to grapple with.

LNFG will release 7 albums this year - we have already confirmed the full schedule that will form our membership basis. LPs from The Gracious Losers, Hadda Be, Sister John, Life Model, The Trashcan Sinatras, Broken Chanter and Annie Booth will be distributed to all vinyl patrons and throughout the world to customers and shops.

LNFGHive will support new records from Ace City Racers, Wojtek The Bear, Lemon Drink, Ross and the Realifers, Lola In Slacks, Out Of The Swim, Luximon, TeenCanteen and Daniel Wylie's Cosmic Rough Riders.

PNFG will of course be releasing BMX Bandits "Star Wars" and Bis "Return To Central"

Represses of "Sisters" by The Bluebells and "Made For Each Other" by The Muldoons will also materialise along with our Double A-side Trashcan Sinatras 7"

We have over 400 patrons confirmed as supporting the 2021 schedule with a target of 500 looking like being fulfilled by January 31st. We are not yet sure if any other spaces will be available after this date, as we will be deciding manufacturing volumes at this point, and we may choose to close access. If you do like the idea of supporting an ethical non profit record label and the artists therein, then a Membership is a guranteed way to help LNFG whilst bolstering your collection with brilliant new music.

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