Past Night From Glasgow

For some time LNFG has been harbouring an ambition. We have held the seed of an idea and awaited it’s natural germination and now is the time we can tell you all about it …

We introduce with great pride and mild trepidation

**** Past Night From Glasgow. ****

Past Night From Glasgow will take much loved, occasionally maligned and some outright ignored classic albums from our past and repackage, remaster and reissue these with new liner notes, occasional bonus tracks and all the love and respect they deserve.
We are thrilled beyond belief to announce that the very first PNFG release will be none other than “Sisters” by The Bluebells.
Featuring the number 1 single “Young At Heart” and “I’m Falling” & “Cath” the album was a massive commercial success. It was never released on CD outside Japan and has been missing from digital sites since the get go.

CD and other exclusive vinyl options will be made available when we launch pre-orders in May. The album is slotted for release on 27.11.20 and a special re-release launch event has already been booked.

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