2022 Schedule Revealed

We are delighted to announce almost full details of the 2022 release schedule, we say almost as one album is still under wraps for full effect.

We will release 3 debut LPs under the LNFG banner in 2022. The first release of the year coming from Glaswegian promising hopefulls - St. Dukes. When we first heard them, they reminded us of a cross between Orange Juice and The Delgados so that cannot be a bad thing.

Talking of The Delgados, 2 members of that famous quarter make up 2 parts of Album Club - the collective founded by MJ McCarthy (Zoey Van Goey). We are so excited about this album, a delightful slice of alt. country indie pop. We have high hopes.

In Summer we will bring you the second album from Port Sulphur, the first of our 3 Creeping Bent partnership releases alongside the second album from Fife's noisemongers Domiciles. These should tickle the alternative tastes.

September will see us dazzle you all with an as yet unannounced LP release - 2 slabs of glorious vinyl - it's in manufacture and you'll be delighted when you find out what it is!

Two records will round off the year - the new album from Bis being one, the second - well youll just have to wait and see.

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