Close Lobsters - Firestation Towers 3 x LP Box Set

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3 individual 12" LPs in heavy outer sleeve wrap with download cards for all three. 1000 only worldwide. Pick of the class of the NME's C86, the Lobsters were an altogether different proposition from the rest. They were not twee. Nor were they one of those jangly indie bands whose main purpose in life was to sound like a pale imitation of The Byrds. Tracklisting : 'Foxheads Stalk This Land' 1. Just Too Bloody Stupid 2. Sewer Pipe Dream 3. I Kiss The Flower in Bloom 4. Pathetique 5. A Prophecy 6. In Spite of These Times 7. Foxheads 8. I Take Bribes 9. Pimps 10. Mother of God // 'Headache Rhetoric' : 1. Lovely Little Swan 2. Gunpowderkeg 3. Nature Thing 4. My Days Are Numbered 5. Gutache 6. Got Apprehension 7. Gulp 8. Words On Power 9. Skyscrapers 10. Knee Trembler // Forever Until Victory: The Singles Collection : 1. Going To Heaven To See If it Rains 2. Never Seen Before 3. Lets Make Some Planes 4.What Is There To Smile About 5. Loopholes 6.From This Day On 7.Don't Worry 8.In Spite Of These Times 9.Pimps 10.Nature Thing 11.Skyscrapers Of St. Mirin 12.Firestation Towers 13.Hey Hey My My (Into The Black) 14.Paperthin Hotel // All available via download with the below additions to complete the Singles Collection: Boys and Girls / Pathetik Trivia / Get What they Deserve / Wide Waterways / Never Seen Before - (Live)


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