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Remastered and pressed on two x 180g vinyl for this 2LP special edition. The bonus disc contains 6 tracks including the Extended versions of the singles 'Don't Talk To Me About Love' and 'Bring Me Closer' plus an alternative studio recording of 'Another Lost Look'. 'Surprise Me', 'I Don't Want To Know' and 'Thinking About You' make up the final 3 songs on the second disc. After the success of the bands previous two albums 'Happy Birthday' and 'Pinky Blue', Bite saw a change in musical direction. Gone was the earlier post punk sound and now the songs were becoming far more polished with a pure pop pedigree. To that end Mike Chapman and Tony Visconti were brought in to produce the album. Mike Chapman had produced Blondie's 'Parallel Lines' album and Tony Visconti had been working with David Bowie, so the duo's involvement was seem by many as a move to bring the band to the forefront of the post punk 80's pop scene. The band also underwent some personnel changes with Stephen Lironi joining the band as drummer. The album spawned one of the bands biggest hits in 'Don't Talk To Me About Love' which reached No7 in the UK chart. But subsequent singles 'Love To Stay' and 'Change Of Heart' failed to make an impact and a decline in success followed with each release. Following on from the tour to support the albums release the band sadly disbanded. The album still contains many highlights and although mired as the bands unfitting final release it is still heralded by many fans as a great pop album. Clare Grogan has appeared in numerous TV and films roles, most famously 'Gregory's Girl and the cult TV Series 'Red Dwarf' in a role she created for herself as Kristine Kochanski), and More Adventurous.

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