Starless - Live at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall (DVD & Download)

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Complete footage of the Starless concert filmed at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall June 4th 2022.


Featuring an array of Scotland's finest talent, the DVD / Download is a must for those who attended and those who couldn't make it...

DVD Track listing:

1. Misty Nights (featuring Chris Thomson)

2. Calvary (featuring Chris Thomson)

3. Chase The Devil (featuring Maire Claire Lee)

4. Solitude (featuring Maire Claire Lee)

5. Whispered ReasonNo.2 (featuring Maire Claire Lee)

6. Calbharaigh (featuring Karen Matheson)

7. Ailein Duinn (featuring Karen Matheson)

8. Apocalypse (featuring Kaela Rowan)

9. Glittering Light (featuring Jerry Burns)

10. Stepping Out Slowly (featuring Jerry Burns)

11. Spellbound (featuring Chris Thomson)

12. Starless (featuring Chris Thomson)

13. Paper (featuring Emma Pollock)

14. Sea Shanty No.2 (featuring Grahame Skinner

15. Let's Go Out Tonight (featuring Chris Thomson, Grahame Skinner)

16. You Are Beautiful (featuring Phil Campbell)

17. Bonus track 

State of Art (featuring Chris Thomson) filmed at Celtic Connection January 2017

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