A-ha - Time and Again: The Ultimate A-Ha

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Released: 09/08/2024

The only career-spanning best-of compilation available on vinyl for the first time for pop sensations A-ha. Includes all the hits plus two new tracks.

1. Take On Me

2. The Sun Always Shines On T.V.

3. Hunting High And Low 

4. I've Been Losng You 

5. Cry Wolf

6. ManHattan Skyline

7. The Living Daylights

8. Stay On These Roads 

9. You Are The One

10. Crying In The Rain

11. Move To Memphis

12. Dark Is The Night For All

13. Summer Moved On

14. Forever Not Yours 

15. Lifelines 

16. Celice

17. Analog (All I want)

18. Foot Of The Mountain

19. Under The Makeup 

20. This Is Our Home 

21. I'm In

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