Silver (CD) Membership 2021.

Silver (CD) Membership 2021.

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Our 2021 year will obviously commence in January .

However everyone renewing or joining LNFG before the end of 2020 will receive a bonus CD from Vulture Party or Out Of The Swim

Our 2021 CD Schedule thus far can be confirmed as :

Martial Arts EP2 (MARCH)

Foundlings LP1 (APRIL)

Sister John LP3 (MAY)

Trashcan Sibatras (SEP)

Broken Chanter LP2 (OCT)

Annie Booth LP2 (NOV)

Expect at least one other EP or Album to be confirmed

We will be also releasing digitally music from Gracious Losers, Deer Leader, Ross Sinclair, Lola In Slacks, Ace City Racers, Life Model, Mt. Doubt and Lemon Drink.

You can add an antique silver extension and also receive past LNFG CD's from Starless, L-space, Annie Booth, Close Lobsters and Medicine Men